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Swim Course

Information about the Swim Course

The Swimmer participants must be in the swim area before the start of the swim leg of the race. First swimmer will enter the pool at 7:00 am.

Each person must swim 8 lengths of the pool, a total of 400 meters, swimming from right to left. At the end of each length of the pool, the participant must touch the wall, pass under the lane line and swim the next length until all eight lengths are completed.

It is important for the participant to keep to the right when swimming. This enables others, with a faster pace, to over take you on the left. Flip turns are allowed, but be aware that there is sometimes congestion at the end of each lane.

At the completion of the last length, the 8th, the participant must touch the wall and then proceed to get out of the pool. The ladder at the end of the pool may be used to exit. Once out of the pool, the participant should quickly go to the Bike Transition Area to pass on the race chip. Swimmers can only pass the timing chip to the cyclist in the transition area at the athlete assigned location at the bike racks.

The race will not be providing swim caps, if you need one, please bring it with you.

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