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Bike Course

Bike Course Information

Helmets must be on and chin strap buckled prior to mounting the bike.

The cyclists will walk/run their bike to the mount/dismount area at the end of the transition area. Upon mounting the bike, cyclists must move to the right of Lake Newport Rd. Turning right onto Reston Parkway, bikers are to stay to the right of the cones for approximately 100 meters to allow for a smooth and safe merge with cyclists who may already be on the course.

From Lake Newport Road:

  • take the first right onto Reston Parkway
  • turn right onto Wiehle Avenue
  • turn right onto Baron Cameron Avenue
  • turn right back onto Reston Parkway
  • At the end of the first and second laps, while approaching Lake Newport Rd, bikers MUST move to the left side of the coned lane to avoid potential conflict with those beginning the bike portion of the event i.e. turning right from Lake Newport onto Reston Parkway.

    When approaching the end of Lap #3, move to the right of the coned section and turn right onto Lake Newport Rd.

    Slow for dismount at area where you mounted your bike (this is slightly downhill so be cautious about speed). Walk/run the bike back to individual transition spot where you will pass the timing chip to the runner.

    During the ride, course marshals will direct you at turns. Police will control traffic at major intersections. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS OF POLICE AT ALL TIMES. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU ALLOWED TO RIDE TO THE LEFT OF THE CONES DESIGNATING THE BIKE COURSE.

    The event will be conducted under the rules of USA Triathlon. Please review the rules on drafting and passing at Article V: Cycling Conduct, of the USA Triathlon website, for more information about the rules.

    Bike Course Map with directions
    Beacon   indicates the start and end of the bike course.

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